America’s Response to Child Refugees on the Border is Downright Shameful

Moyers & Company, July 11, 2014, by Joshua Holland

"Those seething with so much rage and xenophobia that they’d hurl ugly epithets in the faces of children fleeing bloody violence in Central America bring shame to the whole nation. But the response of mainstream America hasn’t been much better.

The media’s characterization of what’s going on at our southern border as a “crisis,” politicians pointing fingers at one another and Washington’s refusal to provide the resources necessary to care for a small wave of refugees — not to mention the bipartisan push to send them back home — is just as shameful when one considers the context.

In June, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) reported that in 2013, the global population of refugees from war and persecution hit 51.2 million — exceeding 50 million for the first time since World War II.

Half of them were children."


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DREAMers Welcome Obama’s Immigration Shift, But Pledge Caution

by Julianne Hing

"Nearly a million undocumented youth won a historic reprieve Friday when President Obama announced an initiative to end the deportations of those who would be eligible for the federal DREAM Act. The move came on the heels of aggressive actions and a groundswell of public support demanding exactly such a fix. Yet many activists long accustomed to hearing Obama promise humane immigration policy on one hand and do exactly the opposite say they cannot afford to give up their vigilance."


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Obama's State of the Union Speech

What are your thoughts on President Obama's State of the Union Speech last night? What were you hoping to see from him? There were some positive lines about immigration reform, but did he go far enough? 

Check out Sarahi Uribe of the National Day Laborers Organizing Network's assessment here:

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Introducing/Presentando Bullfrog Communities

Welcome to
Bullfrog Communities

Bienvenidos a Bullfrog Communities

We aim to energize change, and to help local activists broaden their reach.

Nuestra meta es animar un cambio, y ayudar a activistas locales ampliar su alcance.

    • We provide powerful films and all the support materials you need to create an effective community event.
    • Proporcionamos películas impactantes y toda la información suplementaria que se requiere un evento comunitario exitoso. 
    • We will send out strategic petitions, asking you to sign and send them on to your network, using the power of this medium on behalf of the people and the earth. These will be either national in scope — asking you to join an uproar of opinion, or very local — asking you to add your voice to attain a specific victory, which may provide a watershed — changing the mindset of the people empowered in a community, of multinational corporations' assumptions as to what they can get away with, and of politicians who notice the change in the wind. 
    • Enviaremos peticiones estratégicas, pidiendo una firma y que las reenvía a su comunidad, utilizando este poder para ayudar la gente de la planeta. Serán o nacional  - pidiendo que se une a los gritos de opinión, o muy local – pidiendo que se agregue su voz para ganar una victoria especifica, la cual podría servir como un punto de inflexión – cambiando la mentalidad de la gente poderosa en una comunidad, de los supuestos de las corporaciones multinacionales sobre lo que pueden hacer sin consecuencias, y de los políticos que se dan cuenta del cambio en el aire.  
    • We will provide a forum for sharing ideas that work and news that can inform action on an issue. We ask for your discussion, suggestions, feedback, and reports of successes in your community. 
    • Proporcionaremos un foro para compartir ideas exitosas y noticias pertinentes. Le pedimos su conversación, sus sugerencias, sus reacciones, y los reportes de éxitos en su comunidad. 

Please join. Let's see what we can accomplish together.

Únase. Veremos lo que podemos lograr juntos. 

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